Motherhood and Community

None of us are the same, but we’re also really not that different, are we? No matter what choices we make within motherhood and community, we long to connect with one-another to know that we are not alone. I have been immensely blessed with a community of women to pursue the call of homeschooling alongside, all of us certainly not the same…but all of us answering the call that is wild and free.

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None of our stories are the same, though they intertwine with similarities woven throughout each of our histories that connect us with one another as we share and dive deeper into our relationships.

The Call of the Wild + Free

Ainsley Arment, the founder of Wild + Free and the author of what has quickly become one of my most treasured books, The Call of the Wild + Free, has created a community for women like me and so many others to find that tribe of people to do this crazy thing called life with.

To celebrate this brand new book filling the hands and hearts of mothers all over the world, Ainsley arranged a special opportunity for mothers in the Wild + Free community called Story Nights to get together to share something near and dear to our hearts, our stories. Eleven mamas from our local Wild + Free homeschool group gathered in my home with our favorite snacks and sweets, coffee and tea, laughter and tears.

Together we listened as a mama of not quite school age kiddos shared her story of her personal history with being homeschooled and how that influenced her decisions as a mother. Another mama shared her story of balancing the tough decision to send her kiddos to public school or to keep them home and learn alongside them, keeping them close and loved better than anyone else possibly could or would. Finally, a well-seasoned homeschooling mama in our group shared her encouraging experience and wisdom of raising and homeschooling her five children (some now in high school) from day one.

Stories of Motherhood and Community

Each of these stories weave in and out of each other. All of us experience the same challenges whether it’s the need for some time to ourselves (hello, most of us are with these other humans literally 24 hours a day from birth), the struggle of what philosophy and style to follow, the pressure of society and family members constantly drilling us about whether this decision is right or not. The list could go on, we all experience it. One of the beautiful things about these struggles is the simple fact that we don’t have to do it alone.

No one says it better than Ainsley:

Your knees might be knocking. Your voice might be quaking. You might feel scared or on the verge of giving up. But you are not alone. All over the world, in your state, down the street from where you live, unbeknownst to you, there is a mama, just like you, going the distance, day in and day out, attempting to change the course of history by investing in her children.

-Ainsley Arment, The Call of the Wild + Free
(emphasis added)

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