Azure Standard Overview

After many wonderful years of placing orders with Azure Standard and providing my family with really great options at affordable prices, I am thrilled to share them with you! If you value healthy living, non-GMO and organic practices surrounding food and products, and recognize the value in both saving money and voting with your dollars, then this Azure Standard overview is for you.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click on some of the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission which supports my efforts to share with you in this space the products and resources I used and love most.

Here, we understand that naturally grown foods are instrumental in producing a long and satisfying life. We’d like to see more farmers and home gardeners turn to natural organic growing practices, so we do what we can to not only support the organic farmer, but also provide as many organic products as possible.

We chose to call our business Azure Standard, to signify by the name what we are attempting to do. Azure is a shade of blue which has been associated with law, justice, and honesty. In raising an azure standard, we want to place an honest standard in the marketing of food. We feel that the correct way to effect a positive change is not to attack the way it is being done, but to begin to do it right.

We are dedicated to the ‘organic principle’ of cooperating with nature and we pray others will join us so that we may once again see prosperity in our land.

-David Stelzer | Azure Founder and CEO

How Does It Work?

You have two options when shopping with Azure. You can place an order anytime to ship directly to your home. Alternatively, and to save the most, you can join a local drop site. Drop sites are where you will meet a truck monthly to pickup your order. I have met some really incredible people at our Azure drops over the years. I have always gone with the drop site option. I get to enjoy the benefit of a big bulk order of fantastic items without paying a fortune in shipping. Everything comes from Oregon first, and is then delivered all over the US.

Azure reduces waste and saves you money by connecting directly with the independent growers and food producers, shortening the cycle and handling of your food. You have access to organic farm-fresh veggies and dry bulk foods, grass-fed dairy and frozen meats, raw honey and non-GMO oils, packaged foods, nutritional supplements and beauty products. After you place the items in your website cart, our warehouse team in Moro, Oregon pulls them off the shelf like your own personal shopper. Your items are then packed in recycled boxes under your name, and your order is put on a truck that delivers straight to you. You’re a part of the Azure community in your own neighborhood, meeting a fully stocked natural grocery on wheels – coming directly to you.

-Azure Website

What Kind of Things Can I Buy?

Azure offers everything from food, health and beauty, household and family, nutritional supplements, and even outdoor and garden items. Over the years I have purchased a variety of items from Azure. From bulk flour to dairy products, growing seeds to bulk produce, our holiday turkeys, non-toxic cleaning supplies, vitamins/supplements, and much more!

I placed a really huge order this month, a great example of what you can get for your family. This order was a little over $500. The only thing not pictured above was my Mary’s Free-Range Turkey. I placed it directly into our deep freezer when we got home. Here’s a list of what we got, in order from left to right:

Ready To Save and Enjoy?

Head to Azure Standard’s website and scroll to the bottom to “Find A Drop” to connect with a local drop. Or, simply place an order to ship directly to you if you prefer! Azure Standard has certainly blessed my family, and I can’t wait to hear how it blesses yours as well!

Feel free to post any questions you might have in the comments below. I’ll be sure to help you and your family begin saving money and still enjoying wonderful options!

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