Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer

2020 holiday gift guide

It’s that time of year again, when the time gets away from us! As a result, I tend to over-spend every year around the holidays when I am without some guidance. Therefore, it is important more than ever before, to carefully consider what you will be gifting your loved ones withthis year. Gift them something they will equally love and benefit from this year! I am thrilled to provide you with this Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer. Be sure to watch for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals included here, too!

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What is a Conscious Consumer?

A Conscious Consumer cares not only about what is being purchased, but also how and where it came from. Someone who is a Conscious Consumer typically considers purchases based on a number of factors:

  • how something is sourced
  • sustainability and authenticity of sources
  • organic and/or non-gmo
  • global impact
  • fair-trade
  • charitable percentages given from purchases
  • quality of product
  • environmental effects
  • health effects
  • practicality
  • locally sourced

Some people carefully consider the above qualifications when making purchases. Think about who comes to mind when you read the above factors. They are probably a Conscious Consumer, and this just might be the Holiday Gift Guide for them (and you)!

Gifts For the Homebody

Many of us have switched to working from and staying home, therefore it is more important than ever to consider what we’re using to keep our homes clean. What we clean with, and what our water quality is like is a huge thing to consider! If you, or someone you know, seems like the type that cares about these things, they would probably be over the moon for anything from Branch Basics and Berkey Water Filters.

2020 holiday gift guide

A starter kit from Branch Basics is a GREAT way to help someone toss toxins from their household cleaning products, and switch to something natural that actually works! Save 10% using this link (save 20% now through 11/30) on any starter kit, or use this link to save $10 off any order. The wool dryer balls are a personal favorite of mine to replace dryer sheets, and they’re super budget friendly!

To learn more about Branch Basics, you can read my blog post here:
Branch Basics for a Cleaner Home

2020 holiday gift guide

When we finally got our Royal Berkey Water Filter system, I couldn’t believe the change in taste of the city water that was coming into our home. I was totally blown away by the effectiveness at filtering out the horrible chlorine smell, fluoride, and even RED FOOD DYE Y’ALL. You read that right, there is a test they suggest trying to be sure your filters are doing their job correctly, and it includes confirming that red food dye doesn’t make it into your cup. Amazing!

There are tons of gift-able options from shower heads to cups to gift cards!

To learn more about Berkey Water Filters, you can read more on their website here:
Berkey Quick Start Guide

Use this link to shop Berkey Water Filters and save 10% using my code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD (cannot be combined with Black Friday promotions).

Gifts For the Kitchen Connoisseurs

If you know me, you know I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I also use a lot of tools, and it matters greatly to me what sources and tools I use when providing meals for my family and loved ones. From practicality to sustainability to nourishing, what goes in my kitchen matters to me. Here are a few of my favorite things that make my kitchen wholesome, holistic, and nourishing that could easily double as great gifts for yourself and the kitchen connoisseurs in your life!

Save money and the planet with up to 30% off (now through 11/30) Stasher Bags reusable answer to single-use plastic bags. These make a GREAT gift, even with owning just two bags made a huge difference in my throw away plastic bag usage in my own home. Because this is such a great and rare sale, be sure to snag a pack for yourself when you buy for a friend!

From home-cultured buttermilk to kombucha and everything in between, Cultures For Health is the leading source for the DIY kitchen. Saving money and quality control make these a no-brainer in gift giving. Have a bread lover in your life? Send them an artisan sourdough kit! Someone who loves bubbly beverages? Kombucha would be a super fun project for them! Be sure to check out the books and extra goodies that could make great gifts, too.

Save 30% and enjoy free shipping (through 11/30) for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This is the biggest sale of the year, stock up yourself now!

Adapt-what? If you have been following me on Instagram for any amount of time, it’s very likely you’ve heard me talk about adapotegenic herbs. As much as I love coffee (hint: A LOT), my body is not a huge fan. Many people have a response to coffee that is less than ideal (anxiety symptoms, heart-palpitations, crashing, tanking adrenals, just to name a few). Coffee alternatives I’ve tried in the past have been a huge disappointment. However, that was until I discovered RASA. Learn more about RASA on my blog post here.

Give the gift of a sample of each type of herbal coffee they offer for the coffee lover in your life. Their energy levels and adrenals will be sure to thank you later! Normally $36/pack you can save HUGE this Black Friday-Cyber Monday and get/gift the sample pack of the entire RASA family for ONLY $9!

Interested in becoming a member and saving 30% on your order? Click here to take advantage of this savings for yourself (now through 12/1)!

Be on the lookout for special Cyber Monday savings of 15-30% off, too (available 11/30-12/1!

Save 15% on your first order using code CMSAVE15!

Gifts For the Wellness Minded

Elder Berry DIY kits are all the rage right now, and the use of elder berry syrup is on the rise. Proven to cut cold and flu with 48 hours, as well as cut down symptoms by 50%, this powerful herb makes a great gift of wellness for loved ones. Options found in the store is at best organic, but often filled with harmful sugars that reduce it’s effectiveness. Plus, we have no guarantee how long it has sat on the shelf. Fresh is important with herbs.

This special, all-organic formula I curated has become a staple in my home, as well as many loved ones of mine. You can read more about what makes my kits unique by visiting my shop here.

Be sure to take advantage of temporary free shipping and savings using the optional codes below (through 11/30):

  • $50 or more spending and save 10% using code THANKFUL10
  • $75 or more spending and save 20% using code THANKFUL20
  • $100 or more spending and save 30% using code THANKFUL30

What a great time to stock up for yourself, too! (Can freeze kits to extend life!)

Hemp extract has blown me away time and time again. Their medic line has provided me with pain relief from easing cramps to foot and ankle pain. This stuff is completely THC free, and packs a punch. I trust Charlotte’s Web time and time again for all of my CBD needs.

Save 15% site wide using my code: CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD on your order!

Enjoy free shipping for orders over $25 (now through 11/30). Use code THANKFUL to save 25% on your entire purchase or DESSERT to save 30% on 60ct and 90ct Gummies. 

Learn more about CBD here.

Gifts For the Fashionista

This Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of budget-friendly sustainable and quality fashion options. Below are a few of my favorite resources for exactly that!

Usually when someone compliments something I’m wearing, it’s when I’m wearing a piece from Grace & Lace. They have the most flattering options from jeggings to the comfiest t-shirts you’ll ever had! Because I’m a mama of three boys that I carried to term, these clothes have carried me through comfort and class when needed. Take advantage of those Black Friday Weekend deals, and use this referral link to save an extra $10!

I can’t forget to mention the charitable work they do partnering with Angel House orphanage. Plus, they’re Texas owned and from nearby Austin for all of you Texans reading this!

The ultimate gift of comfort for a pregnant, new, or experienced mama is a treat from Kindred Bravely. Be sure to visit their site to get on the secret list for their Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals (their biggest sale of the year)!

There are so many awesome deals on on the regular, so it takes me a lot of self-control to not buy all the things. They offer boutique quality at a discounted rate. Therefore, things fly off their site quickly! Be prompt when you find something you love!

Use this link to shop all of their 50% off deals for all of your stocking stuffer needs and more! (Get ready! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya about all of the tempting stuff they carry!)

Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer

There are a lot of options in this blog post, feel free to reference this quick list while shopping for the Conscious Consumer in your life this holiday season (check above for Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals):

I hope this Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer helps you to love on the people in your life with a little bit more intentionality this year.

Are you a Conscious Consumer? What are some of your favorite brands and resources to gift? Be sure to drop them in the comments below!


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