Holiday Gift Guide for the Family in 2021

When it comes to showing your loved ones you care, the Christmas season provides a sweet opportunity to do that and do it well. This family holiday gift guide has a little something for everyone. It’s jam-packed with unique and sustainable options. You can buy confidently knowing you’re picking out some great things while supporting some wonderful companies. Just like everything I share and do, the 80/20 rule applies. Not everything is perfect on these lists, but they’re perfect for someone!

This post contains some affiliate links, meaning when you click on some of the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission which supports my efforts to share with you in this space the products and resources I used and love most.

I’ve organized three separate lists for you on this single blog post:

  • Holiday Gift Guide For Kids
  • Holiday Gift Guide For Him
  • Holiday Gift Guide For Her

I hope this family gift guide will help you choose meaningful and unique gifts this season! Keep an eye out for the bold text for discount codes!

Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

holiday gift guide 2021
  1. Baby Björn Bouncer from Baby Björn or Amazon. $199.99+
    This has been my favorite baby item I’ve ever had between my three children for the newborn stage, absolutely wonderful.
  2. Play Gym from LOVEVERY. $140
    Sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton, this is hands down the best play gym for a baby or toddler.
  3. Baby Toys & Play Mats from The Natural Baby Company. $4.99-$89.95
    First Stacking Ring Pastel $15
    Manhattan Toy Artful Skwish $19
    Wee Gallery Forest Playmat $89.95
    If you’re in the market for cloth diapers as well, The Natural Baby Company makes Grovia Diapers which are by far my favorite.
  4. Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip. $12.99 [Save 10% off your entire purchase with code CULTIVATING10]
    Solid tempera paint, the Classic 12 pack provides a full rainbow of colors to paint with the washable and formula that allows them to dry in 90 seconds! No cups, smocks, water or brushes needed.
  5. Forest Friends Kidsafe Diffuser by Plant Therapy. $59.95
    With three different interchangeable ears, our fun Forest Friends diffuser can turn into a feisty fox, cute bunny or precious bear. This diffuser requires no chemicals or heat, allowing the essential oils to retain all of their natural benefits and chemical profile. Find Kidsafe oil blends here.
  6. Block Beeswax Crayons by Stockmar. $19.40 (current sale price)
    The best non-toxic first crayon a little one could ask for.
  7. Baltic Amber Teething Toy by Bambeado. $19.90
    Used on all of my three children, baltic amber is an incredible pain reliever for teething.
  8. Wooden Rainbow Stacker by QZMTOY. $54.99
    A toddler+ favorite with tons of versatality.
  9. Pact Baby Clothing and Holiday Socks. $7-18 [Save 20% off your purchase with code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD20]
    100% Organic clothing with unmatched quality.
  10. Wooden Block Set by Melissa & Doug. $50.89 (current sale price)
    A classic set of blocks that every little one should have.
  11. Block Set by LOVEVERY. $90
    For ages 18 months-48 months+ this is a brilliant, practical system of solid wood blocks for building spatial, language, and problem-solving skills.
  12. Thin Stix by The Pencil Grip. $12.99 [Save 10% off your entire purchase with code CULTIVATING10]
    Solid tempera paint with all the same qualities and features of Kwik Stix (gift guide #4 above), but a thinner tube for better detail and different grip. Closer to the size and shape of a marker, these are great for more precision and as grip develops and improves.
  13. Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter by Melissa & Doug. $38.48 (current sale price)
    One of the most interactive toys my kiddos have played with together, this is on their wish list this year!
  14. Artist Grade Wax Stick Crayons by Stockmar. $63.80
    An excellent option for the young artist in your home ready to upgrade from block crayons.
  15. Wheely “Bug” Ride-On Toy by Prince Lionheart. $59.99 (current sale price)
    A BIG favorite in our home, played with every single day and made very well and sturdy.
  16. Artist Quality Colored Pencils by Prismacolor. $19.98-$85.91
    When we switched to these pencils from the basic Crayola’s, the coloring enjoyment for my boys increased like crazy. These pencils are remarkable and worth every penny.
  17. Board Games Ticket to Ride First Journey and Catan Jr. $17.99-$22.39 (current sale prices)
    The top two board games we enjoy playing together as a family with our 8 and 5 year old are easily these two.
  18. Blackboard Playmat Kit by The Pencil Grip. $18.99-$25.99 [Save 10% off your entire purchase with code CULTIVATING10]
    This set is great for travelling, play dates, dinner time, restaurants and more!  Draw directly on the playmats, and remove with a damp cloth and start over and over again.
  19. Plush Avocado by Squishmallow. $19.88
    There is something so loveable about these soft and squishy things, we all love them! Find many more designs here.
  20. Balance Bike by Strider. $82.99 (current sale price)
    One of the best things we ever did was skip the training wheels entirely and start our boys on balance bikes. It gave them the best foundation to bike riding and none of them have ever used training wheels because of these bikes.

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

holiday gift guide 2021
  1. Sauce Pot & Basting Brush Set by Cuisinart. $14.99 (currently on sale)
    For the serious BBQ chef.
  2. Stainless Steel Meat Shredding Claws by TOFTMAN. $18
    For the chef or soux chef to pull and shred meat without burning fingers or ruining utensils.
  3. Organic Grilling Spice Gift Set by FreshJax. $24.99
    These five organic sampler spice glass bottles will have your man’s grilling game on full throttle.
  4. Andalou Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner and Highland Pine Deodorant. $10.99
    They take the tricky guess work out of regimens by combining Fruit Stem Cell Science® with unique and innovative ingredients to provide skincare solutions that target specific concerns.
  5. Classic Clogs by Crocs. $44.63+ (current sale price)
    Every dude needs a nice pair of classic Crocs. Once you go Croc, you never go bock.
  6. Pact Organic Clothing. $12-$85 [Save 20% off your purchase with code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD20]
    Holiday Socks
    Boxer Brief 4-Pack
    Black & White Crewneck Undershirts
    100% Organic clothing with unmatched quality.
  7. Muscle Aloe Jelly by Plant Therapy. $13.95
    The perfect icy/hot combination after a long workout or worry-some day, a combination of soothing and relaxing essential oils mixed perfectly with hydrating aloe jelly.
  8. Espresso Tamper by Blue Bottle. $87
    For the espresso lover, don’t forget to add on an organic coffee subscription while you’re at it. Cancel anytime!
  9. Athlete Sport Collection by Charlotte’s Web. $89.97 [Save 15% sitewide with code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD]
    Soothe sore and achy muscles and temporarily relieve with the support of the best ingredients mother nature has to offer.
  10. Fish/Flag hat by Columbia. $16.97+
    Mesh Tree Ball Cap features a classic fit that provides comfort for long fishing days to casual wear.
  11. Portable Speaker by Bose. $219
    Deep. Loud. And immersive, too. Eyeballing this for my hubby this year for sure.
  12. Taza Chocolate. $5-29.99
    Peppermint Bark
    Gingerbread Cookie
    Comfort & Joy Sampler
    Some of the best chocolate I have ever had. Fantastic gift option.
  13. Double-Insulated Warm/Cold Lookout Bottle by Berkey. $24.99 [Save 10% sitewide with code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD]
    Built tough from rust-resistant 18/8 304 stainless steel—ideal for camping trips, sporting events, workouts, school, on the job, or everyday. 
  14. Parker Clay Sustainable Genuine Leather Items. $72-$558 [Save 20% sitewide with code PC-NICOLE20]
    Abera Billfold Wallet
    Mekonnen Leather Belt
    Axum Dopp Bag
    Parker Briefcase

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

  1. Pact Organic Clothing. $10-$60 [Save 20% off your purchase with code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD20]
    Marsala Honeycomb Knit Scarf
    Holiday Socks 3-pack
    100% Organic clothing with unmatched quality.
  2. Memory Foam Slippers by ULTRAIDEAS. $24.99 (current sale price)
    A new pair of slippers each year is a well-loved gift.
  3. Parker Clay Sustainable Genuine Leather Items. $128-198 [Save 20% sitewide with code PC-NICOLE20]
    Abby Drawstring Backpack
    Parker Clay Zahra Wallet
    Desta Belt Bag
    If you’re looking to make a big impression on her, this is your golden ticket.
  4. Jade Roller & Gua Sha Tools by MoValues. $18.98
    Two tools that every woman doesn’t know she needs.
  5. Linen/Cotton Weighted Blanket by YnM. $105.90
    If she’s ever mentioned she’d like to try a weighted blanket, now is your chance!
  6. Wall Hanging Glass Planter by Mkono. $15.99
    If you have a plant lover in your life, this is a great option!
  7. Taza Chocolate. $5-29.99
    Peppermint Bark
    Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
    If she loves chocolate, she’s going to LOVE this chocolate.
  8. Gut Health Starter Tea Bundle from Pique. $96 [Save 5% off your order with code CULTIVATINGMOTHERHOOD]
    If she’s a tea lover, GET THESE (or anything other teas from this website).
  9. Temperature Control Mug by Ember. $99.95
    If she’s always re-heating her coffee or tea, do her a big favor and buy this mug.
  10. Mama Bear Coffee Mug by Brooke & Jess Designs. $20.95
    For the mama bear in your life!
  11. 18-ounce Stump Teapot Infuser by FORLIFE. $39
    This was a gifted to me and it is the best personal teapot to share with a friend over a joyful cup of tea.
  12. Barnwood Planter & Organic Culinary Herb Garden Kit by True Leaf Market. $37.79
    The perfect gift for the beginner or experienced gardener in your life!
  13. Wonder Stix by The Pencil Grip. $16.99 [Save 10% off your entire purchase with code CULTIVATING10]
    Don’t let the description fool you, if she uses chalk regularly she’s going to adore this thoughtful gift.
  14. Himalayan Salt Lamp by Levoit. $39.99 (current sale price)
    Improve the quality of her sleep with this dimmable night light.
  15. Picnic & Outdoor Blanket by Scuddles. $26.99 (current sale price)
    For the outdoorsy type!
  16. Plant Therapy. $10.95-$159.95
    Precious Flowers Set
    Passive Sunflower Diffuser
    Holiday Magic Bath Bombs
    A treat for the essential oil lover in your life.

Happy Shopping

Remember, it’s the intentional thought and heart behind gift giving that really spreads the love. I hope these ideas help you to bless someone else this season. Happy shopping!

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