The season of life that I currenlty find myself in results in me going by another name. Approximately 10,956 times each day my three little boys call out, “Mama.” It is an honorable name that I too easily forget how blessed and honored I am to be entrusted with that represents a high calling: motherhood.

I am a home-maker and a total home-body. “Home is where the heart is” is a sign I should probably have somewhere in my house. Someday, maybe!

I spend most of my time trying to keep up with the many demands that naturally come with homeschooling my kiddos, making most of our food from scratch, and investing in intentional time where the Lord calls me outside of my home. I’ve struggled with the pull to “do it all.” Have you ever been there?

Called Away During Motherhood

In between seasons of growing and birthing babies, I have pursued various entrepreneur avenues. Some of those endeavors have included: family and birth photographer/filmmaker, photo editor, birth and postpartum doula, and website/graphic designer. I stepped away from my most successful business of photography in the spring of 2019. I made this choice in obedience to what God was calling me towards, or rather away from. For now, I consider myself a hobby iPhone-o-grapher and blogger. I believe everyone is an artist in some sense or another. God created us in his image, as Genesis tells us, and as a Creator, we reflect His awe-inspiring ability to also create. I have had a drive to pursue an artistic outlet in every season of life I’ve found myself in, and I think you have too.

By my side is my lifelong crush and husband. I’m grateful for his willingness to pursue more and more each day what it looks like to lead our family in a God-glorifying manner. Despite seasons of heartache and pain, God has provided endless opportunities to both receive and give grace through our marriage of nearly a decade. I can’t imagine journeying through life with anyone else, and I hope I never have to.

Parenting and Marriage

Soon after getting married, we found out we would be parents to our first little boy. After he was born, we experienced the crushing loss of a pregnancy via an early miscarriage. Praise God, following our loss we were entrusted with two additional baby boys with no complications. The most recent to join our crew was born a week before Christmas in 2019. What a blessing after walking away from where I fought so disobediently to be. Our boys are all roughly three years apart, and grow (and yes, fight) each day as the best of friends.

When we first decided to try to get pregnant, we had no idea how our lives would change. (Does anyone?) I unexpectedly had some very strong instincts kick in about how we would desire to handle and prepare for childbirth. This would go on to inform how we would pursue medical choices through the experience of having our first child. Since becoming parents, we have found ourselves pursuing a life that looks much different than the typical American family. Sharing what I’ve learned along the way is something I feel called and led to pursue with grace and love.

My Heart For You

Above all, I desire for you to come to this space with your hands held open (something I had to actively remind myself to do hourly each day) and then walk away feeling equipped and encouraged to take the next step towards where you are called to. This will likely look different from how my life looks. I want you to feel safe to ask questions, to push back. I want you to feel safe to admit that it’s OKAY if something in your life went a direction because you didn’t know. There’s grace for that, and ample amounts of understanding. Ask hard questions, yet always remember what the ultimate Purpose is for your life.

I hope that my words bring clarity and above all reflect Christ’s love. There is nothing of more importance than turning my heart back to our Heavenly Father, and I hope you’ll join me in the peaceful state of being that inevitably provides. He reminds me day in and out how His grace and love abounds.

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