Whole-Grain Buttermilk Waffles

The waffle recipe I turn to, time and time again are these delicious Whole-Grain Buttermilk Waffles. These waffles are already sugar-free (sweetened with ripe bananas), and can be made dairy and egg-free as well!

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whole grain buttermilk waffles

Why We Love These Waffles

It’s simple: they’re hearty, delicious, and there’s no extra dishes dirtied with seperating eggs to whip the whites. Some waffles recipes need that, this ain’t them. The combination of oat and whole-grain flour gives these a unique flavor and fullness. Being naturally sweetened with ripe bananas is a plus (without too much of a banana flavor, I don’t even taste them at all)!

Meet the Waffle Maker

Alright I’ll admit it, I love me some fancy kitchen gadgets. But, hear me out. I’ve wanted to throw every waffle maker I’ve owned out the window while I’m using it and I have never, ever felt like that with my Breville waffle maker. Come to think of it, I’ve never felt like that with any of my Breville small appliances. But we’re here to discuss the waffle maker today, and my friend…it’s glorious. It makes 4 waffles at once, has various settings, and even a cute little “a bit more” button. Yes, it seriously says exactly that and I adore it.

whole grain buttermilk waffles

If you’re like me and avoid making waffles because you can’t stand the making them part, do yourself a favor and budget for this gem. You could even do what we did and find one used for much less. You’ll be thanking yourself when you make these whole-grain buttermilk waffles. Is this waffle maker necessary? Absolutely not, if you’re thinking it’s not I’m pretty sure you have more patience than me and that’s worth celebrating.

Freezer-Friendly and Customizeable

Easily halve or double this recipe to feed fewer folks or stock up the freezer. These are very filling on their own, but we tend to eat more on the first day and then load them up with extra protein from peanut butter when we reheat them. If you decide to freeze them, pop them in a single layer on cookie sheets protected with plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen (don’t forget about them!), place them in a freezer safe bag like Stasher Bags and they’ll be ready when you want them!

If you’re eating the leftovers the next day, you can toss them straight into a Stasher Bag instead. These reheat great, and make great leftover breakfast for busy mornings!

Homemade Maple Granola

homemade maple granola

Look, I know you don’t think you need anything else to make from scratch in the kitchen. I get it, but…this is a must try. Homemade Maple Granola is something you have to make from scratch at least once. You’ll save money, your house will smell divine, and your kids will think you’re the coolest ever (maybe, idk).

Make it Your Way

One of the best things about this recipe is how customizable it is. Don’t like walnuts? Leave them out! Need to make it gluten free? Go for it! You could also sub honey for the maple, but I’ve never enjoyed my homemade granola near as much without the maple syrup as my sweetener of choice.

Much like my Homemade Bone Broth Mac N Cheese Recipe, it’s super easy to make it your way with this super versatile recipe.

Where to Buy Ingredients

The more of these ingredients you buy in bulk, the more affordable this granola becomes. Utilizing places like Costco, Azure Standard (learn more about Azure here), and Thrive Market are great to price shop and save tons with compared to just picking up something at the local grocery store. This post provides a quick comparison break down for an idea of modern day coupon clipping.

Add this to your bowl of yogurt on your Simple Meal Plan Rotation and your full belly will be happy you made it yourself!

These are my favorite oats to get from Azure, they’re gluten-free! I also purchase raw, organic nuts and seeds as well from Azure! My maple syrup budget is currently only Costco friendly, but if it weren’t I’d be getting this really good stuff in bulk from Azure, too.

I like to use refined organic coconut oil by Nutiva for the oil content. Refined coconut oil has no taste. But if you and your family enjoy the extra coconut flavor, feel free to use un-refined!

Invest in Quality Spices for Your Homemade Maple Granola

I can’t express enough how amazing fresh, high-quality spices are in your kitchen. They’ll last WAY longer if stored correctly, and there’s just nothing better. I buy all of my spices from Mountain Rose Herbs, and store them in glass spice jars and mason jars to keep them fresh.