Homemade Bone Broth Mac+Cheese

Listen, I’m going to tell you right now…you don’t need to buy another boxed mac n cheese again in your life. This homemade bone broth mac+cheese is the only recipe you’ll ever need to make all of your from scratch comfort food dreams come true.

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I asked my Instagram following if they had ever made homemade mac before, and many hadn’t even tried! Some shared that they’ve even tried multiple homemade from others and the word “awful” was mentioned. Yikes. Be thankful if you’ve never had to experience that awkward situation, LOL. Other reasons given were thinking it’d be too complicated to make.

The truth is, this is one of the easiest and simplest things I make in my kitchen on a regular basis, and I can’t go back to boxed now!

Make Homemade Bone Broth Mac+Cheese Your Way

Not only is this recipe super simple, it’s also very forgiving. Don’t have heavy cream? Replace that with all milk. Don’t have bone broth? Just use water, but consider it won’t be as filling or nutrient dense. Don’t want to use paprika? It’s totally optional! Don’t need gluten-free noodles? Use whatever you normally would! Don’t have all of the cheeses listed? Just use cheddar, it’ll still turn out okay!

I’ve made this various different ways over the years. Leftover shredded chicken or sliced and fried grass-fed hotdogs will give a bigger protein punch. Minced steamed broccoli is a delicious and nutritious addition. Make it your way!

Why Avoid the Boxed Stuff?

Sure, there are “better” brands out there these days. Kraft isn’t the only option anymore, and Annie’s even makes a grass-fed option. However, just because there are better options today, doesn’t mean something coming straight out of a box is ever going to compare nutritionally to something created from whole foods you probably already have in your own kitchen. Better isn’t always great.

homemade bone broth mac+cheese
homemade bone broth mac+cheese

Are these the worst things you can put in your body? Arguably not. Are there better things you can choose to put in your body? Absolutely.

Consider those ingredient lists above in comparison to what you’d use in this homemade version:

Not a huge difference between this and the boxed ingredients above, but the differences that are there are worth the quick online search to make sure it’s something you’re comfortable putting into you or your family’s body.

homemade bone broth mac+cheese

Finding Ingredients for Homemade Bone Broth Mac + Cheese

I’m a huge recommender of homemade bone broth, and this situation is no exception. It’s so much more affordable than buying the good stuff in the store, and the cheaper stuff you can purchase just doesn’t compare to a good homemade broth.

If you’re looking for raw milk in your area, be sure to check RealMilk.com‘s Real Milk Finder. Local to Houston or San Antonio areas like I am? Be sure to checkout Texas Farm to Home‘s home delivery service to source yours. If you’re curious about why in the world someone would buy raw milk, you can learn more on my Raw Milk blog post here.

I love Kalona Super Natural dairy products for things like heavy cream, cottage cheese, and much more. Use their Store Locator to find it near you!

I purchase Kerrygold grass-fed (or Kirkland’s new grass-fed butter), the Gruyère cheese and Pecorino Romano from Costco.

My sharp cheddar cheese is usually this one from Azure Standard, and sometimes this one if the other is out of stock.

As mentioned previously, Jovial noodles are my go-to. I’ve never had better gluten-free noodles, and their ingredients are simply organic brown rice and water, that’s IT! You can use any of their noodles with success in this recipe. Feel free to use your favorite noodles!

Give it a Try

If it sounds daunting to skip the pre-made boxed stuff, just make a plan to try this just one time. If you find you never want to try that again, then you don’t have to! You won’t know if it’s something you can manage if you don’t try, so give this homemade bone broth mac+cheese a shot!