Hey Lady, my name is Nicole…

Against everything our culture tells us is best for us, my husband and I have always questioned the status-quo. During our first pregnancy, a huge shift happened in my soul. I believe my instincts kicked into full gear when I started questioning my fears around medicated childbirth and getting poked and prodded with needles while carrying life inside my womb. This weariness about what everyone else calls “fine and normal” was the beginning of our lifestyles slowly transforming over the course of the last 6 years.

We went on to have a completely unmedicated, vaginal birth in the hospital with our oldest son. About two years later, we sadly experienced a miscarriage, and I have strong suspicions as to what common toxin many of us are exposed to that caused that extremely heartbreaking result to occur. We went on to have our second son with our wonderful midwife, in the comfort of our rental home in California.

Since then, we have moved halfway across the country and are proud residents of our first home to call ours in the great state of Texas. We have hopes and dreams of eventually living on a large chunk of property with our kiddos and animals, raising a lot of our own food and living more sustainably.

Throughout the course of motherhood, I have felt restless and pursued many passions in my life which have all led me right here. I have filled the role as a birth and motherhood photographer and videographer, a private photo editor, a web designer, and I even pursued a career as a doula and trained for that for nearly a year before I stepped away in obedience to what God was calling me towards.

I have found that my ultimate passion in life is sharing what I have come to learn. I want you to have the same resources I have come to lean on, and to make decisions based on facts and what your gut is telling you. A mother’s instincts are incredibly persistent, and you can trust yours.

I am here pursuing this community to bring you the information I only wish I had sooner. I want to pour into your life, and encourage you to find your tribe of women to pour into as you overflow with the truth and love you’ve always had inside of you.

Wherever you are, I am glad you are here, hugs.