Making Beef Bone Broth at Home

Once you use this beef bone broth recipe, you’ll never want to go back to buying store bought again! I’ve taken a lovely and decadent recipe by Rhoda Boone I found on Epicurious and adapted it to make a more affordable, bulk batch of delicious beef broth.

Be sure to visit my Chicken Broth Recipe for instructions on how to bag your broth to both store and thaw it easily!

Quality Matters when Making Beef Bone Broth at Home

When it comes to nourishment, you are what your food eats. It’s really important to source grass-fed beef from reputable farms (local is best!) to obtain the most nutrients out of what you’re feeding yourself and your family.

Making Beef Bone Broth at Home

Optimum health requires animal foods and fats. Vitamins A, D, K2, B12, B6, Zinc, essential fatty acids, and amino acids are all beneficial nutrients. You will find some of these beneficial nutrients exclusively in sustainably raised animal products.

Conventionally Raised vs. Pasture Raised

Conventionally raised animals are typically raised in ultra-confinement conditions with little to no access to the outdoors. They are almost always fed artificially with inexpensive GMO feed. They are often given performance-enhancing drugs which causes them to be efficient and profitable. There is also usually zero regard to humane processing options available when it comes to conventional meat. Modern conveniences do not come with consequences on both the animals well-being and the health of those consuming the meat products produced this way.

Pasture raised animals are raised primarily outdoors with appropriate access to shelter to protect them against the elements. They are almost always fed expensive non-GMO feed or grass. They are not given antibiotics (mainly because it’s often unnecessary in their living conditions with no confinement). These animals are typically processed humanely with care and thanks being given to the animal. Regenerative farming is also common with these farming methods.

Making beef bone broth at home requires some homework, if you want to do it right.

Know Your Farmer(s)

The most important thing to consider when sourcing animal products we consume is not always looking for the cheapest cut. Sometimes we are in positions where we have to consider the cost of our food. I am currently one of those people. Based on what I know, though, I can no longer make a decision based ONLY on the lowest price tag.

I think what we have been conditioned to blindly do in our culture is walk up to the meat section of our grocery store and not consider it’s origination. We don’t ask questions like, “Did this animal have access to sunshine and grass over the course of it’s life?” Instead we tend to think more like, “What’s on sale this week?”

There are nutrients our bodies require to obtain optimum health. Some of those are EXCLUSIVELY found in animal products raised in the right environment (pasture raised, etc.) These nutrients are simply not found in nature outside of these conditions.

Let’s stop considering simply the cost of the meat we are buying. But, let’s also consider the cost of what looking the other way could mean for these animals, as well as our health. Are you with me?

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Azure Standard Staples for Home & Groceries

After nearly a decade of ordering household goods and groceries for my home from them, I definitely have a good record of Azure Standard staples that I purchase on a regular basis. Some of the items here are ones I save the most on verses buying from other places like the local grocery store, Thrive Market, and Costco. Some of them are not, but worth every penny. If you’re just learning about Azure Standard, this blog post can give you a good overview!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click on some of the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission which supports my efforts to share with you in this space the products and resources I used and love most.

Cleaning Staples from Azure Standard

azure standard staple dishwasher detergent

Since discontinuing the sales of Biokleen household products, Azure is offering an entire new line of their own. I have yet to try all that they have created, but what I’ve tried so far I love! After trying loads of other natural (and some not so natural) options for the dishwasher, this one far surpasses them all. It’s also the most affordable I’ve found, starting at only $2.02+/lb.

azure standard staple laundry detergent

Country Save laundry detergent has finally given me a solution to cleaning our laundry well without unnecessary scents or toxins like are found in conventional options. The company has been around since 1977, and I just learned the majority of the ownership of it is made up of retired Veterans of the US Armed Forces and their hope is to hire more veterans as they grow, amazing! This is even cheaper than the dishwasher detergent above, too, starting at $1.36+/lb. There are smaller boxes available if you’d like to give it a try before getting a big bag like this!

azure standard staple oxygen boost

Paired with some vinegar for softening, this Oxygen Powdered Bleach by Country Save is keeps our clothes brighter and cleaner while allowing us to avoid harsh chemicals found in other options. I use this with success on tough stains, too! At only $1.76+/lb, this is another no-brainer Azure Standard staple for our home!

Household Staples from Azure Standard

I get it, beeswax candles are pricier than regular ones. The thing is though, that those cheaper options come at a price we don’t necessarily see, until they start to effect our health. Look into the truth of the risk we take when we light our favorite scented candles, you will learn a lot and hopefully will change some habits as a result. These Bee Healthy Beeswax candles smell great, burn for a long time, and help neutralize undesirable scents in my home when needed! I also love these pillar candle options!

azure standard staples body soap

These soaps by Longview Farms are by far my favorite soaps for our entire family. They aren’t drying, have no artificial scents, or unwanted ingredients. I get this one for my older boys (they use it for their hair and bodies) and this one for our littlest dude since a gentler option is still ideal for his toddler skin. Check out their other flavors for some more adult friendly options, too! We have loved all three: Oats, Honey & Milk, Cucumber Melon, and Peppermint Lavender.

Produce Staples from Azure Standard

All of the produce I regularly purchase from Azure lasts much longer than when I buy locally from the grocery stores here. It’s not necessarily cheaper, but if I’m throwing away less because it lasts longer, it just might be. If I lived closer to where they’re located in Oregon, I’d have a lot more produce on this list. Unfortunately, being in Texas, not everything makes it in time to stay fresh. These items make it just fine and last me at least a month!

Organic Garlic $4.50+/lb

Organic Ginger $4.00+/lb

Organic Valencia Oranges $1.34+/lb
and blood oranges, lemons, etc. when in season, yum!

Organic Parsley $2+/bunch
Organic Cilantro $2+/bunch

Supplement and Wellness Staples

At the top of the list (of course) is Green Pasture’s Cod Liver Oil. This stuff is so beneficial and results in zero fish burps, I swear! All of my kiddos take this from ages 6-ish months old and up, and so do I . Learn more about the benefits of this superfood from this article by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is another staple from Azure Standard I keep in my medicine cabinet. This stuff is really potent, so there is also this option to take it by pill form for those able to swallow them.

If you have yet to add homeopathies to your medicine cabinet, Arnica is a great place to start! It’s great for reducing pain and actually worked way better for me with pain relief postpartum with my youngest.

Manuka Honey is the honey I add to teas (and also just take spoonfuls of) when we are under the weather in our home. Look into it’s many benefits, it’s an incredible resource to rely on!

Bulk Spices from Azure Standard

It would take me all day to show you every single bulk spice I have from Azure Standard. They last a really long time, and are so much more affordable than re-buying smaller amounts over and over again. You’ll save a bunch from going the bulk route, and if you don’t want a large amount to save and refill as needed, then find someone to split a bag with!

Pantry & Refrigerated Staples

Raw cheese is expensive in most grocery stores as well as from local farmers where I live, if I’m even lucky enough to find it. Purchasing in bulk has been the trick to affording good cheese. As a family of 5 we go through this before it goes moldy, but it’s great to shred and freeze, if needed. I don’t recommend freezing the solid block because it will crumble after defrosting. This option isn’t organic, but it’s usually the best we can do at this stage of life. We eat a lot of cheese. If you prefer organic, this option is also great.

Organic, gluten-free, and very affordable, these oats have been a staple in our home for years now!

Coconut sugar is a great substitute for brown sugar, and pairs super well with maple syrup to sweeten anything from oatmeal to cookies!

Allergen friendly chocolate chips that are delicious are hard to find, and usually a lot more pricey than other conventional options. These chocolate chips are my favorite and I am picky about my chocolate! I use equal parts of these dark chocolate chips plus these mini semi-sweet ones for the best chocolate chip cookies.

We avoid soy in our home, and Coconut Secret coconut aminos replaces it in recipes calling for it flawlessly.

Red Wine Vinegar is another staple I keep in my cabinet ready to be used when I need it!

Red Wine Vinegar is another staple I keep in my cabinet ready to be used when I need it!

Other Azure Standard Staples

Nuts and seeds, baking powder, molasses, vanilla extract, popping corn, bulk cereal, chicken feed…I could clearly go on and on. Your staples might look differently than mine, and that’s okay! I just want to provide an idea of the types of things you could get through Azure Standard if you decide to place a monthly order with them. If you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget, or want to spend less on great options, it’s well worth looking into!

Healthy Soup Recipe: Green Soup

This healthy soup recipe is the veggie-packed meal our entire family enjoys, ages 1-33 (very kiddo approved). Being one of the healthiest, nutrient-dense dish I feed my family, I’m glad it’s also absolutely delicious. You will never guess it’s loaded with greens, or contains something unusual in it like fennel. With a base of homemade bone broth, this is a great go-to soup. Especially if you’re feeling unwell or just want to boost your immune system!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click on some of the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission which supports my efforts to share with you in this space the products and resources I used and love most.

healthy green soup recipe

Adapting this recipe from one I found by Kay Chun, I have been making it for years now, always slightly different from the original. Making a larger batch at a time allows me to have a stock of this in the freezer. I always make this using homemade chicken bone broth (or turkey broth, if I have it from the holidays). I have also tried various mixes of different greens over the years, it’s very versatile. My version of “Creamy Fennel & Greens Soup” goes by “Green Soup” by our kiddos. Because we eat this soup on a regular basis, I especially love it when we need a “meatless” night. When we are fighting off an illness, it is especially handy. This is because it is so packed with nutrients from the greens and bone broth.

Trying New Ingredients

The real MVP of this recipe is most certainly the fennel. Before I learned to cook this healthy soup recipe, I hadn’t ever used fennel in my kitchen. I’m grateful it’s more readily available to find organic then it was when I first moved to Texas. Don’t be intimidated by this unusual veggie, if it’s new for you! It cuts much like an onion, without causing fire in your eye balls, and has a lovely fresh flavor. If you’re new to fennel, just trust me and wait until you try this soup before you give it “the look”!

healthy green soup recipe

The next most important part of this meal, the greens. We’re talking about 2 pounds of dark, leafy greens (like collards, swiss chard, kale, beet greens, mustard greens, etc.) PLUS 6 cups of baby spinach. For example, I’m using a mixture of fresh, local greens that include swiss chard and mustard green.

healthy green soup recipe

The final most important component to this soup is definitely the bone broth. I was able to fill up my freezer with 14 quarts of turkey broth after Thanksgiving this year. We had two 15-lb birds that I made broth from. I usually make this with homemade chicken bone broth, though. Both are great! I am always especially grateful for the way I freeze my broth. This is because I usually forget to pull it out ahead of time. It’s nice to be able to quickly thaw homemade frozen broth. I’m able to do that with these flattened bags in the sink full of water while I prep the rest of the soup.

Handy Tools

I use the Food Saver
to bag my broth. It is so helpful to freeze broth this way! I don’t use the vacuum seal feature, just the seal. There’s a way you can just lay your bag flat and get out most of the air bubbles to make it work. Freeze flat and you’re good to go!

Another tool I utilize to prep the greens is this nifty green and herb stripper. This one is just like the one I have!

Getting Everything Ready

I really like to get all of my ingredients out when I start making something, and then I get to prepping before I start to cook. I pull out my butter and oil, salt and pepper, and all of the produce and broth, and then get to chopping! Prepping properly is a major help with this healthy soup recipe.

healthy green soup recipe

The trick to making this soup smooth is having the right tools. An emulsifying blender really gets the job done. While you can use a blender that doesn’t necessarily emulsify, you’ll end up with a slightly chunky version of this soup. A perfectly smooth result comes from using a blender like a Vitamix. This purchase has been well worth the price tag, and it’s used for various things almost every single day. If you’ve found a blender with as much reliability and power as the Vitamix with a glass container, please send it my way!

healthy green soup recipe

A Note on Cutting Onions

Cutting fennel might seem intimidating if you’re new to it, but they really are simple to cut. I make them about the same size as my onions, and they go into the recipe all together so I start with them and then move on to the onion.

fresh fennel

A few tricks I like to use while cutting onions to minimize burning eyes are:

  • After slicing off ends and peeling the whole onion, immediately rinsing with cold water (setting aside the paper towel used for drying!)
  • Breathing out of my mouth instead of my nose while cutting (this really helps if you’re conscious of it the whole time)
  • Slicing quickly and efficiently and then laying the used paper towel over the chopped onions while I wait to use them
how to cut an onion

Time to Start Cooking the Healthy Soup

Next, I get my butter and oil heated in my pot over medium heat. This isn’t my largest stock pot, but it’s the large size that comes in typical cooking sets. It is the perfect size for this recipe. A bit of foam is produced from the butter. It subsides after a few moments of simmering (careful not to brown your butter). After that, you can add your fennel and onion.

butter and olive oil
fennel and onions

After giving it a little stir, I add my salt and pepper. I never actually measure the pepper here, because I use a fresh grinder in my kitchen and just eye-ball it. I think I did about 50 turns from my Kirkland pepper grinder. While this is simmering until soft and slightly browned, I start stripping my greens from their tough stems.

fresh local greens

That little tool makes this seriously take about 5 minutes. From there, I can roughly chop up my greens and dump them into the pot, followed up by bone broth. I usually give it a nice stir at this point. Your pot will be super full until the veggies cook down. I always turn my heat up to get the broth simmering at this point. Simmer, covered, for about 20-30 minutes until the greens are nice and soft. DO NOT add your spinach at this point, this is only for the tougher greens. Add your spinach for only about a minute of simmering as it wilts super quickly.

healthy green soup recipe

Once the soup is boiling, I drop the heat back down to low/medium and keep it covered for the remaining roughly 20 minutes. While that is simmering, you can clean up the counter and dishes and chop fennel fonds from the ends, if desired. I literally NEVER do this, but wanted to make the final result pretty for you so I did this time. It didn’t make any difference in the taste of the soup once ready. Just a pretty garnish if you choose!

Time to Blend the Healthy Soup

Before you know it, the soup is ready to wilt your spinach, and from there it moves on to my favorite step, the blender!

healthy green soup recipe

Exercising caution is obviously very important for this next step, as your soup is VERY hot. You’ll be pouring it back and forth between the blender and a bowl to blend in batches. It only takes about 30 seconds-1 minute per batch to get it all blended up nicely in the Vitamix. I always pull out a bowl to dump my batches into temporarily while it’s all blending.

vitamix soup

Back into the stockpot it goes to await the delicious lemon juice and heavy cream that completes this lovely dish (and sometimes a little more salt, if needed).

soup ingredients

Don’t Forget the Nourishing Bread to go with Your Healthy Soup Recipe

Our favorite way to compliment this healthy soup recipe is with a fresh loaf of sprouted whole grain sourdough einkorn. I usually bake a loaf earlier in the day so it’s ready just in time to be ready with the soup. Always serve fresh bread with copious amounts of salted butter.
I have been learning the art of sourdough bread making from Jovial, and their cookbook is full of delicious recipes like this Sprouted Country Loaf. Their website also provides incredibly helpful tutorials for you to start making bread at home, too!

sourdough einkorn bread

There is a tempatation to add to this soup, I’m looking at you garlic lovers. But, just trust me when I say it’s extremely filling just as it is (when using actual bone broth, which is full of protein). We’ve tried adding sausage and rice in the past, and it’s just not right. It’s perfect just the way it is, I promise!

healthy green soup recipe

What is your favorite healthy soup recipe to make in your household? Share in the comments, I’d love to learn more recipes like this!

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Azure Standard Overview

After many wonderful years of placing orders with Azure Standard and providing my family with really great options at affordable prices, I am thrilled to share them with you! If you value healthy living, non-GMO and organic practices surrounding food and products, and recognize the value in both saving money and voting with your dollars, then this Azure Standard overview is for you.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click on some of the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission which supports my efforts to share with you in this space the products and resources I used and love most.

Here, we understand that naturally grown foods are instrumental in producing a long and satisfying life. We’d like to see more farmers and home gardeners turn to natural organic growing practices, so we do what we can to not only support the organic farmer, but also provide as many organic products as possible.

We chose to call our business Azure Standard, to signify by the name what we are attempting to do. Azure is a shade of blue which has been associated with law, justice, and honesty. In raising an azure standard, we want to place an honest standard in the marketing of food. We feel that the correct way to effect a positive change is not to attack the way it is being done, but to begin to do it right.

We are dedicated to the ‘organic principle’ of cooperating with nature and we pray others will join us so that we may once again see prosperity in our land.

-David Stelzer | Azure Founder and CEO

How Does It Work?

You have two options when shopping with Azure. You can place an order anytime to ship directly to your home. Alternatively, and to save the most, you can join a local drop site. Drop sites are where you will meet a truck monthly to pickup your order. I have met some really incredible people at our Azure drops over the years. I have always gone with the drop site option. I get to enjoy the benefit of a big bulk order of fantastic items without paying a fortune in shipping. Everything comes from Oregon first, and is then delivered all over the US.

Azure reduces waste and saves you money by connecting directly with the independent growers and food producers, shortening the cycle and handling of your food. You have access to organic farm-fresh veggies and dry bulk foods, grass-fed dairy and frozen meats, raw honey and non-GMO oils, packaged foods, nutritional supplements and beauty products. After you place the items in your website cart, our warehouse team in Moro, Oregon pulls them off the shelf like your own personal shopper. Your items are then packed in recycled boxes under your name, and your order is put on a truck that delivers straight to you. You’re a part of the Azure community in your own neighborhood, meeting a fully stocked natural grocery on wheels – coming directly to you.

-Azure Website

What Kind of Things Can I Buy?

Azure offers everything from food, health and beauty, household and family, nutritional supplements, and even outdoor and garden items. Over the years I have purchased a variety of items from Azure. From bulk flour to dairy products, growing seeds to bulk produce, our holiday turkeys, non-toxic cleaning supplies, vitamins/supplements, and much more!

I placed a really huge order this month, a great example of what you can get for your family. This order was a little over $500. The only thing not pictured above was my Mary’s Free-Range Turkey. I placed it directly into our deep freezer when we got home. Here’s a list of what we got, in order from left to right:

Ready To Save and Enjoy?

Head to Azure Standard’s website and scroll to the bottom to “Find A Drop” to connect with a local drop. Or, simply place an order to ship directly to you if you prefer! Azure Standard has certainly blessed my family, and I can’t wait to hear how it blesses yours as well!

Feel free to post any questions you might have in the comments below. I’ll be sure to help you and your family begin saving money and still enjoying wonderful options!